GeneSysWeb – Remote Monitoring System

Wireless Monitoring System

  • Automatically Record Temperatures
  • Alarms
  • Operational Overview
  • Audit Ready
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Additional information

Wireless temperature monitoring systems are essential components in sectors from hospitality and food safety to scientific, pharmaceutical and healthcare. To have the ability to know consistently how one of the most important factors in our lives is behaving is paramount to our own safety, comfort and health. It is also important to prove that what we manufacture, produce, store and sell is within the safety limits applied to these products, be it food, pharmaceutical, medicines or other essential products.

Monitoring provides the ability to view real-time, historical, correct and incorrect temperature data, providing the means to manage the temperature, the products stored within the temperature controlled environment, and prove compliance with national and international standards.

Temperature is important to business across a wide range of industries, and also important to our very own well-being. It needs to be taken seriously. We at ADM take it very seriously. Our ADM GeneSysWeb Monitoring Systems brings the highest level of competence and quality to a wide range of companies and organisations, across a wide range of industries. Get in touch to find out how seriously we take your temperature monitoring requirements.