GeneSysWeb – The ADM Wireless Monitoring Solution

GeneSysWeb Wireless Monitoring Solution

  • Automatically Records
  • Alarms
  • Operational Overview
  • Audit Ready
  • Range of applications such as Temperature, Desk Occupancy, Mapping, CO2, Water Level plus many more
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The GeneSysWeb Wireless Monitoring System

ADM wireless monitoring systems are modular and come under the collective title of GeneSysWeb. We provide solutions for Hospitality, Pharmaceutical and Facilities Management Sectors.

Here at ADM we are proud members of Made in Britain, Now is a better time than ever to buy British and support our economy. Made In Britain is an ever growing network of already over 1000 companies with UK based manufacturing. By joining Made In Britain we are making it clear to our customers and potential customers that we manufacture our range of products in the UK to a very high standard. We manufacture in the UK and work with other companies that do the same, this allows us to react quickly to customer requirements.
The individual items that go to make up our each bespoke solution for these sectors comprise of the following:

GeneSysTM – Temperature Monitoring

From cooking temperatures to storage, to safety and HACCP compliance, temperature plays a vital role in business and industry.  Monitor, record, alarm, and audit with our ADM GeneSysTM Monitoring System using an everyday web browser interface.

GeneSysBP – BluProbe

The new ADM BluProbe Solution is an extension of our GeneSysWeb Software which is used with a range Wireless Bluetooth Devices to suit your application. This ensures the high accuracy and quality that is required for today’s high standards. The ADM BluProbe Solution is easy to use with the tablet and probe provided. Just probe your product and press the button to securely transmit your temperature data directly to our secure servers, which allows reporting from anywhere in the world. We also offer monitoring of short processes such as pasteurisation and sous vide cooking.

GeneSysFM – Flood Monitoring

Using wireless technology for distance detection water level Monitoring has never been easier or more affordable. With GeneSysFM you can install fluid level monitoring systems in locations where there is no power.

GeneSysGM – CO2 Gas Monitoring

GeneSysGM enables the monitoring and control of indoor CO² levels. From wellbeing and compliance in care homes, schools,  restaurants, offices, and hospitals to small and large scale agricultural and biological monitoring.

GeneSysOM – Occupancy Monitoring

Desks, meeting rooms, and multifunctional breakout areas are just a few of the possible monitoring applications for GeneSysOM.  It provides a method to evaluate occupancy to show if space is being utilised effectively, economically and/or safely.

GeneSysHM – Humidity Monitoring

Data Centres,  Museums, Galleries, Pharmaceutical storage, Greenhouses and Zoos are just a few of the environments where humidity and temperature monitoring is key to everyday operation. Use GenesysHM for humidity and temperature monitoring.

GeneSysVM – Validation and Mapping

Validation is a process to confirm that a piece of equipment, like refrigeration, has been tested and checked to an agreed set of protocols and that it operates within a stated set of values. Contact us for more information on GeneSysVM.