Stainless Steel ThermaData Pro Data Loggers

Stainless Steel ThermaData® Pro data logger – perfect for food, pharmaceutical and other high temperature applications.

  • Integrated USB interface for setup and download
  • Auto PDF summary report
  • high temperature range -20 to 125°C
  • 6 probe options available
  • UKAS 3 point certificate available at extra cost – Contact us for a quote
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Without Probe, 20 mm Fast Response Probe, 50 mm Probe, 100 mm Probe, 150 mm Probe, 200 mm Probe

Stainless Steel Pro ThermaData data-loggers that are perfect for food, pharmaceutical and other applications where a high temperature data-logger is required.

The Stainless steel ThermaData® logger is housed in a waterproof, food grade 316 stainless steel case to protect the logger from corrosion, impact and moisture (IP66/67).

The ThermaData® logger software allows the user to programme the sample rate (1 to 255 minutes), °C/°F, delayed start (maximum 23 hours, 59 minutes) and a 12-character user ID.

The Free software also incorporates a password protected calibration adjustment feature that allows the user to check the calibration of loggers and make minor adjustments 0.5 °C (±3 °C). The user can also set high and low alarm values for a specific application.

The Stainless Steel Pro is available in six options;

  • without a probe
  • Ø3.3 x 50 mm penetration probe
  • Ø4.5 x 100 mm
  • Ø4.5 x 150 mm
  • Ø4.5 x 200 mm penetration probe
  • Ø1.8 x 20 mm fast response probe

The most recent addition to the range is the Ø1.8 x 20 mm fast response probe variant which is ideal for applications which require a fast ambient reading ie. Dishwashers. Each logger is supplied with a one metre USB-C lead.

ThermaData® Studio PC software
The ThermaData Studio software is supplied as a FREE download. The Stainless Steel Pro logger is connected to a PC via a USB-C port lead and by selecting the relevant icon the data can be downloaded and displayed either as a graph, table or summary. The information can then be analysed by zooming in, saving as a Studio File or exporting to other software packages. The Stainless Steel Pro logger produces a report automatically on computer plug-in, this report will detail high and low alarms and also give you various key information for acceptance for deliveries or processes. No software required to download PDF report.

USB Connection Point:-  Simply unscrew the end cap to access the USB-C connector and attach the supplied USB-C lead. This allows the user to connect the logger to a PC and upload any data collected.