Legionella Remote Monitoring Solution

Wireless Monitoring System

  • Automatically Record Temperatures
  • Alarms
  • Operational Overview
  • Audit Ready
  • Time and Money Saving
  • Ensure Safety for Employees and Customers
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Additional information

ADM provide a fully automated calorifier (outlet and return) TMV and sentinel point monitoring system, producing reports and alarms, should critical temperatures not be achieved over a defined period, allowing for timely remedial actions to be implemented.

Being a wireless system, installation is far less intrusive than wired systems. Plus, all data is captured and stored off site, with access by username and password for designated users, with various permission access levels set by the client.

The system is designed around your requirements, so there are no services or facilities being paid for that are not utilised. There are many uses for the ADM GeneSys Monitoring System, please contact us to enquire as to the many benefits the system can offer your organisation.

Monitoring provides the ability to view real-time, historical, correct and incorrect temperature data, providing the means to manage the temperature and prove compliance with national and international standards.

Temperature is important to business across a wide range of industries, and also important to our very own well-being. It needs to be taken seriously. We at ADM take it very seriously. Our ADM GeneSysWeb Monitoring Systems brings the highest level of competence and quality to a wide range of companies and organisations, across a wide range of industries. Get in touch to find out how seriously we take your temperature monitoring requirements.